Building Preservation Trust

Dedicated to the Conservation of Historic Buildings in the West Midlands and Worcestershire

The Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust (WBPT)

The WMHBT the WBPT and CoWRBPT are run by a Management Committee made up of specialists in the field of building conservation. These individuals serve as Trustees and give their time, on a volunatry basis to support the activities of the Trusts.


The WBPT has been involved in a number of projects which are listed below. Weavers Cottages in Kidderminster is the current project, More information on previous projects will be posted here soon.

Church House
Church House, Areley Kings
Wyre Hill, Bewdley
Belle House, Pershore
Load Street, Bewdley
The Sargeants House, Ledbury

Weavers Cottages
weavers cottages - after restoration weavers cottages - before the WBPT rescued them

The Weavers’ Cottages consist of a row of three historically important cottages, the earliest of which dates back almost 300 years; all three were empty and unused for a generation.

The Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust secured a mix of grant and loan funding to bring these cottages back into residential use. The works were completed in March 2017 and the buidlings were sold as residential dwellings in February 2018. Visit the Weavers Cottages web site for full details.